Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men: Causes And Treatments

Contrary to popular opinion, erectile dysfunction (ED) is not just a problem for middle-aged men and seniors. In recent years, incidents of the disorder have been increasingly reported by men under 40, with a full quarter of all recorded cases now stemming from that demographic.

There are a number of possible reasons for this, ranging from the trend towards an increasingly sedentary lifestyle among the young to the proliferation of easily accessible pornography that has accompanied the rise of the digital age. Whatever the reason, more and more young men are looking to medical professionals for ways of treating erectile dysfunction.

Part of the problem with drugs like Viagra and Cialis is they alleviate the immediate and most bothersome symptom of erectile dysfunction, but often do nothing to address the root cause. They often come with a host of other side effects as well, which has led many men to opt for more natural solutions. One of the most popular is this ED protocol.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of the possible reasons for the uptick in reported cases of erectile dysfunction in young men.

1. Drugs And Alcohol

One of the more common (and generally ignored) reasons behind erectile dysfunction in young men is excessive use of recreational drugs and alcohol. The reason this information is largely overlooked is because it represents an inconvenient truth.

If drugs and alcohol are responsible for ED, the solution is to cut back or refrain from using them completely. This doesn’t jive well with many members of the younger generation who are looking to party.

No one said the fix would be easy, and men who fall into this category must decide what is most important to them: the “high” from drugs and alcohol or being able to perform in the bedroom.

2. Unhealthy Lifestyle

A lack of exercise and living a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to a man’s inability to get or keep an erection. Certain diseases and medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, are also directly linked to the onset of ED.

Additionally, some medications prescribed to treat the aforementioned disorders can actually exacerbate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in young men. Sexual performance aside, it’s incredibly important to maintain a healthy way of life.

3. Stress And Depression

Young men who are stressed, depressed, or who experience confusion about their sexual orientation may encounter instances of erectile dysfunction throughout their early adulthood. If you’re dealing with money issues, insecurity of any kind, a toxic relationship, trouble at work, or drama in other areas of your life, then you’re more likely to experience ED at a relatively young age.

4. Injury

Physical trauma can also result in the onset of erectile dysfunction in young men. Any kind of injury involving your prostate, bladder, spinal cord, or nerve endings can impact your ability to perform sexually.

For men with physical trauma, surgical solutions such as medical implants can help replace the blood and tissue in your penis which would normally induce an erection. If you think you are suffering from erectile dysfunction due to a physical injury, contact a medical professional for guidance.